Why run?

Oatley Park - my first Fun Run

Oatley Park – my first Fun Run

Since January, I’ve been gradually coming back to running. There was a time 7 or 8 years ago that I ran regularly, 3 or 4 days a week, mostly at dawn in the Royal National Park with my dear friend and neighbour Linda. The years have rolled on, injuries and other setbacks put a hiatus of a few years into my running but now I’m back. Sadly, I no longer live near my dear running buddy (or the Park for that matter) but there are still plenty of good reasons to get me out the door.

I do get asked why I run when in many ways it has such a bad reputation as an exercise. Yes, walking is probably better for my knees and I do love a good walk, but there’s something about running that I just keep coming back to. Here’s my top 5 reasons for continuing to choose running as my cardio:

5. Outside. I love to get out in the fresh air and explore my local area. I live on the border of 2 local councils who’ve done amazing work with a linear park alongside a busy motorway, including boardwalks, mangroves and playgrounds teaming with families and people enjoying the outdoors.

4. It’s free – or more or less anyway. Good shoes are a must but after that you can just head on out the door

3. A sense of achievement – if nothing else it feels good to stop!

2. Because I can – I’m grateful to be alive and healthy

1. My top reason is that running gets me out of my own head in a way that no other exercise does and that’s crucial for my mental health and my happiness.


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  1. For some reason, running always made me feel powerful. The capacity to do it, I mean. I also love boxing for the same reason. I don’t think I’ll ever get back to running, but boxing maybe.

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