What a difference a year makes

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month again and today it is 12 months since my breast cancer diagnosis. In some ways it’s been a long year but in many other ways it seems to have just flown by.  In the whirl of appointments, panic, tears, laughter, fear and hope that followed that day I clearly remember one doctor telling me “We are about to completely disrupt the next year of your life”. It was hard to envisage that far ahead during a week where just thinking about telling my children had me crying uncontrollably.

A year on and I can say that the doctor was right. Almost. It wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be.  Now I’m back in the swing of things at work, busy with study and feeling fine (other than a bit tired) it’s almost hard to remember how disruptive some of it was.

The next 6 weeks brings all the check ups and re-screenings that go with the anniversary of a diagnosis. Then the waiting until the next anniversary, the next lot of check ups, the next re-screenings.

The end of October will also bring a Pink Ribbon Breakfast fundraising morning tea, being organised by my gorgeous Ms19 who feels strongly that she wants to do something to help not only me, but all the many thousands of other women affected by this disease.


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