On this day

Quick! I’m in need of a meme or today’s post is in danger of becoming another photo with a few lines, like yesterday’s. Inspired by Con, who was in turn inspired – here it is:

I’m reading – not much at the moment, (sorry Book Club!) Plenty of blog posts though

I’m watching – cooking shows on SBS on a Thursday night. My little weekly ritual

I’m cooking – less than you would think, given all the cooking shows I’ve been watching

I’m drinking – Russian Caravan tea from What’s that tea 

I’m thinking – about the list of things I never seem to get to

I’m taking – a week off work to have a holiday at home (hmm, maybe that’s next week’s blog posts right there?)

I’m missing – my kids, who are happily busy with their own lives and my UK nephew

I’m enjoying – the creative challenge of ICAD2015

I’m planning – the next move in my career

I’m listening – to random playlists on Spotify