A quick Vivid post

I’m putting up two posts today, which feels like cheating, but really the earlier one was ready yesterday, I just forgot to hit ‘publish’ in all the excitement of a busy day spent talking research data management and catching up with colleagues at my former place of work.

AND I went to Vivid. For a few years now, said colleagues and former place of work have had a tradition of popping in to town after work one day mid week during Vivid. We meet at the Opera Bar, have a bit of a meal, a few drinks and a catchup, then head off to look at some of the lights. This year was no different – but made so much more special for me by the fact that I have spent the last 6 months working somewhere else and so there was the added bonus of catching up on people’s news and stories. It’s a lovely thing to do and I’ve got just a few pictures to share here. Truly, if you’re tired of Sydney harbour then you are tired of life.

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