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Links by Bob Jagendorf. Used under CC BY-NC 2.0

Links by Bob Jagendorf. Used under CC BY-NC 2.0

This post started out life as a comment on Bookgrrl’s latest post and quickly became so long that I decided it would be better to turn it into a post all by itself.

I have really struggled to write anything library related on my blog for quite some time. By joining my two previously separate blogs, it has morphed into a ‘librarian who (occasionally) blogs’ thing as I’m busy with other activities and most of my professional development time seems to be taken up with ILN stuff. However, I love to read blog posts and learn much from them. I also appreciate the ‘it will be there when I have time’ nature of blogging rather than the fast paced world of twitter and frankly, I’m still figuring out what the point of instagram is for me.

I think #blogjune is both a fair and unfair time to be thinking about one’s own contribution to blogging as we are literally immersed in it for 30 days – and it’s an artificial immersion – so it’s easy to feel that imposter syndrome we’ve all touched on, or to wonder if anyone is indeed listening.

Blogjune often brings out the same voices each year but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing as many of these people are current industry leaders and it’s great to hear their thoughts in a long form, considered way. However, each year I see different names and blogs involved, some stay the distance, some not so much (like me!) but there are plenty of people lurking, reading, pushing viewing stats up to an annual spike and creating a lovely pattern of underlying links and connections. There is plenty of space for everyone and like Steph, I hope that blogjune provides a platform for new voices and new ideas each year – even if sometimes we don’t see those folk again until a year later. Katie’s latest call to arms offers what she refer to as some ‘tough love’ (and I prefer to call very sensible advice) on ways to get out there and get heard – I think it’s a reflection we could all make, not just the new voices in our profession.


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  1. Yes, I would love to hear more from some of the quieter experienced voices who don’t say very much but have so much knowledge to share 🙂

    Having said that, I do love blogs that mix the personal and professional. It helps me relate to people better.

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