NDFNZ 2017

Videos from the NDFNZ 2017 conference in Wellington in November are now available for viewing. Held at the stunning Te Papa, this was the 16th conference of the National Digital Forum. There’s so much interesting content and lots that I didn’t get to see as it was multi streamed, but the presentations that made the most impression on me are below:

Capturing community  memories: The Upper Hutt in the 1960s online oral history project – Great ideas and energy around their Recollect instance. Lots of groovy ’60s photos.

He Tohu – Taking archives to the people – moving and beautiful story of relocating some nationally significant documents from the Archives to the National Library. I’m not ashamed to admit I cried. I also skipped lunch and part of a session the next day to cross town to the National Library to view this exhibition. Stunning.

Keynote from Andrea Wallace – Access and the digital surrogate: openness as a philosophy – get a crowd, some popcorn and gather around a screen together. It’s copyright like you’ve never experienced it before. An hour long but FLIES past. Trust me.

Everything you ever wanted to know about APIs (and weren’t afraid to ask) – the test – will you know enough about APIs after this to confidently talk about what they are and start to be on your way to using them? Probably.

Te Papa’s intellectual property strategy – there’s a whale’s heart and some interesting ways to assess ROI on intellectual property, including some spider charts (or radar charts really, but they do look like spiders….)

Pacific perspectives: reconnecting Pacific communities – just a beautiful story about community engagement, knowledge keepers and the stories of ‘stuff’ from the Auckland War Memorial Museum. I cried in this one too.

The full set of videos are here and you can see presentations from previous years as well. Keir Winesmith’s keynote was interesting as was Harkanwal Singh’s.  Mike Jones and Conal Tuohy from Australia both presented and the conference programme is here if you want to cross match abstracts with videos.

Oh, and Wellington turned on the most magnificent weather to go with its gorgeous scenery.

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