Armchair (library) travelling

This week I’ve been collecting guest post contributions from a number of the people who volunteer as country coordinators for the International Librarians Network. The ILN program is currently between rounds so to help with marketing and promotion we are very focused on keeping the content on the website fresh and new. We asked our country coordinators for a ‘Day in the life’ post and we have had some amazing stories so far.

A moving description of the day most of France turned out to march in honour of the Paris killings, a view from the inside of the terrible floods affecting Malawi are two that have gone up so far. However, we have posts queued up from England, South Africa, Spain and Bhutan that will be published over the next 2 weeks. I will confess that I had to look up where Bhutan was when we appointed our country coordinator and that I was none too sure of the exact location of Malawi either. The list of things one learns!

Our ILN country coordinators are our colleagues – there is much that is the same about our workplaces and our professional communities and I consider them part of my personal learning network (PLN). While it is always sobering to read blog posts or emails from our colleagues in developing countries, I also find much to admire in and learn from their resourcefulness in the face of small (or non existent) budgets and difficulties with technology that we take for granted.

Then there’s the photos. Have you seen how beautiful the scenery is in Bhutan? After formatting and scheduling these posts during the week, now I just want to travel to all of the places. And I have colleagues and contacts to ensure I get to see the best local sights.

DochuLa Pass Bhutan by Goran Hoglund, via flickr CC BY 2.0

DochuLa Pass Bhutan by Goran Hoglund, via flickr CC BY 2.0