Getting from there to here


I am one G&T down by an hour into the flight. On top of the glass of overpriced bubbly at the airport before we left it may not have been a good idea to finish writing the text of my two presentations to CILIP groups at this point.

The guy sitting in front of me is a nervous flyer and keeps hopping between his seat and the one next to him. He alternates this with stopping the cabin crew to ask about possible turbulence and did the pilot know there’s storms in the weather forecast? I sigh, and try to be patient and understanding. Welcome to what BA calls ‘World Traveller’ class and everyone else calls economy. I may well fork out the extra dollars for those exit row seats on the way home as I’m already looking forward to getting off the plane in the middle of the night in Singapore.

Every time the drinks and or food come around I am forcibly reminded of the moment described so bitingly by Douglas Adams, when the crew of a crashed spaceship wake up the life-support connected passengers every few years for biscuits and lemon soaked napkins. However, the food is ok, I can’t fault the in seat entertainment options and even the several babies and children travelling in our section are great. It’s an endurance sport and we just have to all get through it as best we can.

Now that we’re here of course, it is a quickly fading memory. The UK put on a spectacular sunny autumn day, we had a drink at a pub on a canal and my nephew has started giving me cuddles. I am grateful for the way the human brain (or perhaps it’s just me) pushes bad experiences to the background to try and make room for new, better ones.