Professional development is international

paint the whole worldI do much of my blogging these days over at the International Librarians Network (ILN), where I am one of the Program Coordinators. It’s an amazing professional development experience being involved with this program – tonight we held a webinar for program participants and had 20 people from places as diverse as France, Poland, the UK, Germany, Colorado in the USA (where it was 3am, now that’s dedication to one’s professional development!), Indonesia and Pakistan to name a few. It’s quite a buzz being online with colleagues from all over the world like that.

Twice a month we provide discussion topics to help our program participants find something to talk to their program partners about and hopefully kickstart an ongoing professional connection. Our current discussion topic is social media and it’s a subject close to our hearts because we rely heavily on social media and other freely available web 2.0 tools to keep this program running.

I am lucky enough to be able to present about the ILN in the UK in person next month. I’m presenting at a couple of different events, one in London and the other in Cambridge.

There are many things to love about being involved with running the ILN, meeting participants and country coordinators from all around the world is just one of them.


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