Getting creative

My work brain is taking some time to catch up after the serious blasting it has taken from moving house. Moving brain has been almost as bad as baby brain or chemo brain in terms of serious impairment of my ability to make decisions or even form coherent sentences at times. However, today I did feel like I’ve made progress and I ticked off things on my to-do list like a boss.

Sadly, the ability to then come home and blog every day (it being June and all) has not improved – BUT – I’ve taken to the ICAD thing like a duck to water. Today I even found myself planning my card on the train on the way home. In fact, it could be said I started planning it last night when I was unpacking (yet another) box, this one full of personal stuff from my bedside cabinet. I came across a collection of cards people gave me when I was diagnosed with and had surgery for breast cancer more than 18 months ago (it seems time really does fly). I was torn between wanting to hang onto these beautiful expressions of friendship and love and wanting to recycle them because the moment has passed. ICAD gave me the perfect solution and I present to you today’s card, titled ‘Friendship’. I’ve created an album on flickr that I will put all of my cards into – but it’s also worth searching flickr for the tag icad2014 to see the amazing creations people are making from little old index cards.

Friendship #icad2014

Friendship #icad2014


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