In which I talk about failure

So, it’s only Day 4 of #blogjune and already I have missed a day! It’s not that I didn’t think of it late last night when I still had time to post before the midnight deadline. It’s more that I physically could not do one more thing by that time yesterday.

How to define failure? I guess technically I have ‘failed’ at #blogjune because, errr, it’s a daily blog challenge. When I look at what I did achieve yesterday, I have a couple of choices and I choose to acknowledge that I had to prioritise other things over the day’s blog post. It was a busy, physically exhausting day cleaning our old house so we can hand the keys back and as many of you will know, I am #notgeneticallyprogrammedforhousework.
Now I have headspace for #blogjune – bring it on!


2 thoughts on “In which I talk about failure

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  2. I didn’t do it every day in previous blogjune years – I figure it’s a recommendation rather than a hard rule! I have only met one person genetically programmed for housework, they wanted to work part-time so they could spend more time cleaning. Clearly I am not talking in the third person.

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