Why unpacking is like solving a maths equation

moving IIUnless you haven’t moved house much in your life, you probably don’t need this question answered. The past 2 days have been filled with these sorts of conversations:

“Has anyone seen the dishwashing liquid? Oh, it’s still at the other house?”

“Why have you put that box there? I just cleared that space to put the chair/ironing board/suitcase/wine rack down”

My personal favourite – and the inspiration for the title of this post: “I could unpack that box, but first could you just move that bookcase out of the way so that we can unpack that other box to give us access to that cupboard so that I can unpack into that.. wait, what was the question?”

Then there was that moment this afternoon where I realised it’s the 1st of June already – I’ll just write this quick blog post and then I’ll get back to the kitchen. Although I think the dishwashing liquid must STILL be at the other house as I can’t find it anywhere…..