Finish Line from jayneandd via flickr CC

Finish Line from jayneandd via flickr CC

This week on twitter, I’ve been using the hashtag #MastersIsDone because it is! Last night I submitted my final assignment for my final subject in the Masters of Information Studies from CSU. Feels good to have it finished.

I’ve enjoyed the Masters much more than I did the undergrad, possibly because I’ve been working in the profession while I’ve been studying for this one. It made it seem if not a bit easier, then certainly more relevant. While I choose to do plenty of professional reading around my job, there is no doubt that studying a topic forces a more in depth look at some of the issues and I’ve (on balance) enjoyed that. I chose to do subjects around social media, library management, value added information, knowledge management, data management planning and digital preservation. All of these have had some direct relevance to my work in an academic library but more importantly, I feel a real sense of achievement for having finished it – within 3 months of the timeframe I set myself and in spite of all the other stuff that’s been going on.

I’ve had lovely congratulations from my friends and colleagues and am now freed up to concentrate better on the International Librarians Network project I’m involved with. First though, I’m spending a few evenings deliberately wasting time because I can 🙂


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