The twelfth day of Christmas

I must say, a 12 day blogging challenge is much easier than a 30 day one…..

Today is the end of #blog12daysxmas and also, co-incidentally the end of Part One of My Summer Break. I go back to work tomorrow for a week, then get to have another holiday before settling back into the 2014 work year proper.

DSC_0290I celebrated by taking myself for another bike ride – this time about 12kms in and around the Cooks River near Sydney Airport. Not somewhere new unfortunately, but an extension of a previous walk, so I did take it into new-ness. It was cut a bit short by some flooding under a bridge – I took that as a sign to turn around and head home and it was probably good I did, I was pretty tired by the time I got back to the car. I think I like cycling, it’s early days yet and living in a very hilly area there are lots of barriers to getting into it on a regular basis but I’m trying to find ways around that. One of the things on my to-do list for this year…..

Looking forward to getting on with some things at work this year, but not looking forward to the 6am wakeup tomorrow. I’ve really enjoyed this 2 weeks off and feel quite recharged. Of course, holidays could always be just one day longer……