The sixth day of Christmas

It really is my intention to do some study today. I’m on the last subject of my Masters in Information Studies (at least, I’m pretty sure it’s my last subject, I just need to wait for the office at CSU to reopen so I can confirm that. I think I’m being paranoid. I’m almost certain it’s my last subject… but I digress…again) and it would be a shame to spoil that by failing because I didn’t do a few hours reading and writing while on holidays from work.

However, blog posts do not write themselves. Plus, a friend just called to see if I want to go for a walk with her today. Hell yes! So, a quick whip around the garden this morning with coffee and my camera phone to bring you today’s offering. Our edible garden. I love knowing that we can meet at least a few of our food needs by stepping out the back door. We have tomatoes, rainbow chard, radishes, nasturtium, strawberries, 2 (only 😦 ) gorgeous looking finger limes, corn, mizuna, beetroot, capsicum, beans, pumpkins and carrots growing – all at various stages of ready-to-eat-ness. We have been eating salad greens out of the garden for a few months now, unfortunately the hotter weather means most leafy greens want to bolt to seed. However, the rainbow chard is very tasty picked early and young (think baby spinach), beetroot leaves are a good supply of greens and we supplement with nasturtium leaves and flowers to add some spicy bite and pretty flowers to our salads.




Then of course, there’s all the herbs. The parsley recently bolted to seed and put up some incredibly tough and strong stems, there are flowers all over it and it is taller than me. The bees are loving it, so we’ve left it as long as we can, but the plant is so strong it’s pushing our corn plants over, so it had to be cut back quite hard yesterday. We can still get a bit of parsley from the plant, but mostly we are waiting for the seeds to drop and the new plants to start growing.