The fifth day of Christmas

Today is a cross between a #blog12daysxmas post and one of my Daytripper posts. This morning I mentioned to some friends that I was taking pot luck for my walk today:


I had half a thought of going to Bondi or Coogee and walking some of the beautiful coast track, but when I got off the train I realised I have done some of that walk before – and I do like to try and go to new places on my Out and About days.

So, with a vague plan to walk to the Sydney Fish Markets, I headed off through Chinatown and explored some of the harbourside suburb of Pyrmont. I did end up at the Fish Markets, albeit via quite a circuitous route. Perhaps it was the twitter conversation with @shewgirl that led me there – the one and only time she and I have met in real life was at an ALIA conference in Sydney many years ago and we took a trip to the Fish Markets during one of our lunch breaks….

Anyway, I digress. Here’s the map of my walk (actually I walked a lot further than this, but this is the Pyrmont part of it):

Pyrmont walk map

I stopped to wander around the Chinese Gardens in Darling Harbour, because I’ve never been there. It’s only $6 to get in, which I thought was quite reasonable for the middle of Sydney’s tourist belt! The gardens are nice, showing their age a little (they were developed in 1988 for the Bicentennial) but the flip side to that is it is quite a mature garden now. I have a few photos, Chinese Gardensmore on flickr, but hop on over to look at Celia’s post – her photos are much better than mine!

I loved the Pyrmont foreshore – again this is somewhere I’ve never really been and I find walking is a great way to get my bearings and start to understand the geography of a location. I love to walk around other cities and towns in an attempt to get to know them, it’s been interesting walking around my own during my (often Sunday) excursions.

Again, more pics on flickr – the Anzac Bridge is so stunning and photogenic – if it’s possible for a bridge to be photogenic of course!

pyrmont collage

On the sixth day of Christmas, I really must get around to doing some study – I am enrolled in a uni subject over this summer!