The fourth day of Christmas

Hmmm, what shall I do today?

I am fortunate enough to be working at a university library and as the entire University shuts down for 2 weeks over Christmas we have this enforced holiday every year, from a few days before Christmas until the day after New Year. It costs us a few days leave, the University gives us a few days for free and everyone benefits from having the time off. I thought it was a bit strange the first year as I wouldn’t normally choose to have leave at this time but now I love it. I love having about 10 days where I don’t have to be anywhere or do anything in particular. So far, I’ve stayed home during the shutdown for each of the 3 years I’ve been at MPOW and while I like the idea of getting away for a week or so, I’m honestly not sure if I can be bothered. This year I (and many of my colleagues I suspect) fell into an exhausted heap as soon as 5pm arrived on the last day and it is only now, a week later that I’m starting to feel rested.

Anyway, my plans for today will include another big walk – I’m aiming for 5+ km each day between now and heading back to work.

I might also sit in my garden reading and admire some of the beautiful flowers. This house has quite an old fashioned garden with roses, crepe myrtle, hippeastrum and hydrangea. Someone, at some time in this garden’s past has had a love of tropical flowers as we have multiple, gorgeous hibiscus and some stunning frangipani trees.