Daytripper: Oatley-Como railway bridge

In an attempt to atone for the excess of food consumed on Christmas Day, today I walked across the historic railway bridge that spans the Georges River between Oatley and Como on the South Coast/Illawarra railway line. It’s a popular walk and I often see power walkers, joggers, families and cyclists using the bridge as I go past in the train to and from work.

I caught the train to Oatley and walked back across the bridge to Como as it seemed to make sense to start my walk heading towards home. As it turns out, I’m really glad I did it that way. Here’s why 🙂

Oatley is a pretty suburb in the south of the St George district. There’s a big park running through the centre of the shopping centre and on Boxing Day, DSC_0285it was quiet, with a few cars around and some kids playing footy on the grass. Follow this path and eventually you end up at the beginning of the track that will cross the bridge.

At this end, the track is a dull, asphalt pathway that runs between the railway line and a giant water pipe.DSC_0291

There’s no shade, lots of weeds and a few bright yellow flowers soaking up the sunshine.


So far fairly uninspiring as a walk. However, the beauty of doing this walk heading towards Como is that all of a sudden, you get this


The bridge itself looks like this

Miraculously, the Como Waterfront Cafe was open, so I could sit for a rest and look back on the bridge, enjoying the fabulous breeze and the sounds of kids jumping off the nearby jetty, squealing and splashing each other.

Como itself is home to a gorgeous pub, the quaintly named Como Pleasure Grounds and on this Boxing Day, a large group of guys playing cricket on the oval by the bay.

It’s a short walk up the hill back to the railway at Como station. Nice day out – I thought about a cold beer at the Como pub on the way past. Next time.

Thanks to all those people who went to work on a public holiday today so that there was public transport, coffee and the possibility of a beer – I’m very grateful!


2 thoughts on “Daytripper: Oatley-Como railway bridge

  1. Thanks for reminding me about this walk.I have not done it from the Oatley side, only from Como, but I think it is a great spot….Every time I cross this bridge on the train, I see a house that is on the water front that has a boat shed. I imagine I am sitting on a comfy couch in that boat shed, looking across the water to all of us people on the train, on the treadmill so to speak. It really helps me to think outside the frame and gives me a sense of how small and often trivial the seemingly overwhelming can be. A great spot and well worth a walk. Thanks Clare!

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