Dry July 2013

My hair is on the way back!

My hair is on the way back!

Tonight I signed up for Dry July again. I’ve done it a few times before, but this year it is much more personal.

If you don’t know about Dry July, it’s a fundraising campaign for Cancer Care centres around Australia and New Zealand. The money helps the Centres pay for important, but not medically necessary things like landscaping courtyards, establishing a wig library, or providing a mobile phone charging bar for patients.

Having spent time in cancer care centres at both Sutherland and Prince of Wales Hospitals in Sydney this past year, I am passionately behind the cause to raise money for these kinds of things. They are budget items that are hard to justify when up against the need for new machinery, equipment and staff – but they go a long way towards improving the experience of spending time in the Centre or at the hospital.

Join me? Either sign up for Dry July yourself, or perhaps you might like to sponsor my efforts and help direct some money towards the Centre where I had my chemotherapy treatments.