Sporting honours

I’ve blogged here briefly before about the fact that I look after the social media for Cronulla Water Polo Club.  I run the facebook and twitter accounts and while I really enjoy it, it’s usually pretty routine. However, every now and then something comes along that really makes me smile.

Among plenty of others, the club accounts follow USA Water Polo – this was started last year when the USA Women’s team were in Australia to play a few test matches and some of those games were played at our local pool.

Recently a lovely story came our way via USA Water Polo about a cap retirement for Heather Petri, a four time Olympian with the US team.  USAWP cap announcementHeather played for University of Southern California, Berkeley (Cal) and this weekend, Cal are retiring her cap in honour of her service to water polo both at Cal and with the US team. This means her cap number will not be used by any other player at Cal. Potentially ever, depending on the terms of the retirement.

This is a big honour for an athlete in any sport, so Cronulla water polo tweeted Heather to congratulate her when the story came out

congrats heather petri

and this was her very excited reply


I love social media!