Museum of Sydney

Part of my renewed energy and interest in the things going on around me led to a decision yesterday to head into town and visit the Museum of Sydney. Mostly because I’d never been.  It’s on the mandatory list of school excursions so my kids have been there – but I don’t often play tourist in my own town (although I’m very inspired by Celia’s expeditions out and about in Sydney).

It’s a great little museum, packs a lot of information into a relatively small space and has been very clever about the way it presents the plethora of archeological artifacts that exist after excavation of the site in the 1980s. It is the site of the first Government House – said house was pulled down in 1845 when the existing building in Macquarie Street was built.

We had a coffee in the MoS Cafe out the front afterwards – the menu looked lovely although we didn’t eat. Gives us an excuse to go back another time.


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