Christmas cakes – a countdown post

Mum’s Christmas cake

I love a bit of Christmas cake. Mum makes me one every year (thanks mum!) and because the kids don’t eat it, I get to share it with just D. All of it! Unless we have visitors, then I share with them too. This year my cake arrived at the beginning of December and I regret am pleased to say it’s half gone already. Of course, I have been forced to eat a bit today as I needed to cut a bit to get this photo anyway…. All that dried fruit is healthy right?

However, this Christmas countdown is meant to be about things my kids might like (!) so I went looking for some photos of Christmas cakes they might enjoy. I love flickr’s Creative Commons!

The cute Snoman Cake Pops family from niner bakes via flickr CC

Christmas Tree cake from waitscm via flickr CC

Christmas Wonderland Cupcakes from niner bakes via flickr CC