Christmas trees – a countdown post

O Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree this year is tiny but effective and my thanks to Bookworm for going to the effort in the middle of all of our unpacking chaos. The new house is possibly not big enough for our old Christmas tree and anyway, it’s still buried in the garage with everything else that ends up in there because you’re not sure where to put it when moving house.

So, I went looking on flickr’s Creative Commons for some other Christmas trees to share here – some are spectacular, some are quirky. Enjoy.

Christmas tree from dogteaknit via flickr CC

Christmas lights in York from sarahgb(theoriginal) via flickr CC

“Oh, Christmas tree” from kennymatic via flickr CC

Lone Christmas tree from Hecuba’s Story via flickr CC

decorations 004 tree from apium via flickr CC

Book trees at MPL from montereypubliclibrary via flickr CC

And last, but certainly not least for anyone, anywhere who has ever put up a Christmas tree –


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