End of year credits

I don’t really do Christmas cards. I used to – and I still love getting them but somewhere in my busy life a few years ago sending them fell off the list of things to do before Christmas. Every year I say I’ll get organised and send some and then every year I’m in this situation again.

This year I particularly feel like sending them out – I have a lot of friends and family to reach out to. ¬†However, writing that many cards this year is just too hard so I’m doing this instead.

I’ve written before about how important my girlfriends are to me (and of course my gorgeous family). I don’t want to downplay the important role of male friends in my life (and I have been so grateful for your help), but my girlfriends have outdone themselves this year in many, many ways. More than usual. Above and beyond. Humblingly so. I could keep on and on. Thank you doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Instead, and at the risk of turning this into a completely sentimental post – this from Cher for strong women, friendships and girlfriends everywhere.


2 thoughts on “End of year credits

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  2. Oh god! an epic Cher ballad gets me every time. *hastily wipes away tears before anyone notices* Hayfever eh? Yep, can strike at any moment.

    I hear you on the annual christmas card resolution, having exactly the same problem myself. There should be something like nanowrimo (http://www.nanowrimo.org/) for christmas cards. I wonder if I could successfully disguise a christmas card list as a novel…?

    Also just wanted to say that I love your blog-as-advent-calendar idea. It must work well as a motivation for the blogger as much as blog-reader. At any rate, I’m hooked!

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