A bald egg

egg from John Tann via flickr CC

My hair has been falling out for the past week and today my partner finally shaved what was left of it off for me. Oh the relief! No more hair coming out in handsful every time I have a shower, or turn my head suddenly, or forget and run my hand through my hair, or go out in a strong wind. I knew the hair loss was coming and while I’m finding it a little confronting, taking the positive action of first clippering and then shaving it this week feels really good.

However, the real point of this post is to share this gorgeous, lovely, wonderful video I found today when researching tying head scarves. It’s 9 minutes long but even if you just watch the first few minutes you’ll see what I mean – this young girl is fantastic and the scarf tying presentation ends up being secondary to her sparkling and upbeat personality. Makes me feel happy to be alive.


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