Music of our lives – a countdown post

Christmas 2007 from paparutzi via flickr CC

Christmas 2007 from paparutzi via flickr CC

I thought I’d go looking for the songs that were topping the Australian charts in the Christmas week for each of the years my 3 kids were born. What were my babies listening to over their first Christmas? It’s actually not as easy to find this out as I thought it would be – finally I found a site at that gives a weekly breakdown.

In 1992 when the General was born, the #1 single on Australian charts at Christmas was Whitney Houston’s I will always love you.

In 1994 when Bookworm came along, the Christmas week #1 was Zombie from The Cranberries.

And in 1997, Young Gun was able to listen to Aqua’s Doctor Jones (and for many years afterwards as Bookworm was quite hooked on this album and it was on high rotation for a long, long, long time……)