7 things to keep me busy

I’m inspired by Bookgrrl’s ‘7 things’ lists over the past week – I’ll probably stick to just one list, just today.

  1. I’m still learning to crochet, I’m not patient with crafts and if I’m struggling to get it right I tend to put it away for months at a time. Anyway, I’ve got out the hooks again and some new wool and a pattern for a pretty chain necklace and I’m trying again. It’s a good project because each chain in the link is a separate piece of crochet and only takes me around 20 minutes to do, then I can put it down again.
  2. I have All that I am by Anna Funder sitting on my bedside table, it was a gift from some work colleagues. I haven’t started reading it but am looking forward to it, everyone I know who has read it thought it was great.
  3. I have just acquired a copy of The Duchess of Duke Street – a TV series from the 1970s that I absolutely loved when it was on the telly and I would watch it with mum and dad. I’ve been lost since finishing my West Wing 1-7 marathon a few months ago.
  4. Moving house! That’s happening next weekend. I’ve got plans for a vegie garden as we will have a yard with sun 🙂
  5. Doctor’s appointments coming out my ears 😦
  6. A little light Christmas shopping
  7. Planning a family holiday for later next year. Young Gun and I think Jungle Surfing in Cape Tribulation looks like fun! Or failing that, perhaps my brother’s house in the South of France.