All creatures great and small

This being the NSW school holidays I took a week off to hang out with Mr15. We packed the car, added a school friend of his, put 3 bikes on the back and headed out on a road trip.

First stop was a mountain bike track at Yellowmundee Regional Park near Springwood in the lower Blue Mountains. Mr15 is racing there as part of a school team later in the year and he wanted to have a look at the site and a ride on some of the trails. The boys went off exploring the tracks while I pottered around on the flat getting the hang of my new bike. There were also interesting photo ops:


After a stop in Leura for pies, we headed on out to Dubbo. The motel we stayed in turned out to be right at the beginning of a bike track that goes directly to the Dubbo Zoo – the zoo is much closer to the middle of town than I had realised. We rode out to the zoo the following day, it was about a 3km ride and apart from the dive bombing mapgies along the way was a really easy ride along a well maintained cycleway.

I’d never been to Dubbo Zoo so wasn’t at all sure this was a good idea with a new bike! However, it was perfect – being on bikes means you really see and smell and hear everything going on. It was busy but not crowded and we got to see gorgeous animals – sometimes even up close.

It’s too far to go from Sydney for just a weekend, but if you haven’t been, it’s well worth a a trip. Looking at some of the families going around with small children, I think it was better with teenagers. They look after themselves and it’s a big zoo, little legs get tired very easily & I think there were plenty of families no longer having a good time by the end of the 6km circuit!

The magpies and the hayfever were the downside of going in Spring – but I’d hate to leave it to summer as it would have been far too hot. We lucked a beautiful day of about 25 with a good breeze – if you can arrange that for your visit it would be perfect!



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