Walking to Wentworth Falls

It’s not exactly a strenuous bushwalk, but the walk down to the top of Wentworth Falls from the carpark and picnic grounds is a nice way to spend an hour. There are some steps, so if you haven’t been before, be prepared for a huffy and puffy walk back up the cliff (unless you are super fit of course, in which case you would probably dismiss this walk as being a bit easy peasy anyway…).

I’ve done this walk a few times in my life – I never get tired of the views.


Can I just say that I like to create a bit of a collage so I can show off a few photos without having to bore everyone silly scrolling through pages and pages. However, I had just got my head around Picnik and loved that I could pluck photos from my flickr stream and then it disappeared. At the moment I do these collages through Picasa and I find the interface difficult and non-intuitive (particularly for creating collages) and it doesn’t play nicely with iPhoto. Any suggestions for alternatives much appreciated.


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