Italian sausages

My lovely Italian colleague brought me some of her homemade pork & fennel sausages during the week – along with amazing photos of the sausage making extravaganza that had occurred at her home over the weekend. Amazing scenes! Anyway, inspired by her generous gift and by another post from Stonesoup, I made this for dinner:

Italian sausage & polenta

I love that for this meal, I used a recipe idea from a fellow blogger, garlic sourced via another blogger, sausage provided by a colleague and parsley from my garden.

Gently cook some garlic and capsicum in oil, add some good quality (if you can’t get home made!) pork sausage squeezed out of the casings. I also added some dried chilli flakes, on the recommendation of my Italian colleague.

In the pan…

Stir it around, breaking up some of the pork sausage lumps but leaving other bits whole like little meatballs. Meanwhile, cook some polenta, nip out the front and pick some parsley and then finally add a tin of tomatoes to the meat mixture. Add the parsley, heat it through and here you are:

Cooking up a storm

The really nice thing? The whole lot only takes about 20 minutes, from idea to plate. Yum!