Recent top reads

OK, I admit I have shamelessly stolen this idea from @acrystelle’s Flight Path blog. But after all, what’s a month long blog challenge without a few idea thefts? Some might even call them a meme….

So what have been my recent top blog reads? I’m going for blogs here that I may not have previously included in ‘blog link goodness’ posts from last year’s #blogjune effort.

1. ALIA Sydney – While I confess I have friends on the ALIA Sydney committee and am therefore perhaps slightly more inclined to read their blog I will also say that this group of LIS folk are busy, active, committed and put on great events. Their commitment to #blogjune continues this year and they have secured many guest bloggers to help them meet the daily deadlines. Great thinking, great way to involve our community. Many snaps to them.

2. BraveTart – I came across this blog when I was first investigating the making of macarons a month or so ago. I’m hooked. Stella is a pastry chef but so happy to share her shortcuts and tips of the trade – she makes you feel like you can make anything that she does. It’s wonderful. And full of sugar.

3. Apophenia – because danah boyd is awesome. That is all.

4. Permaculture Research Institute of Australia – because one day I will have a house with a sunny backyard where I can grow things and will probably want to apply permaculture principles to this growing.

5. Stumbling through the past – because I love @perkinsy’s take on stuff both library and non-library related

What are you reading?