In which I buy a car and make a confession

I love long weekends. The joy of knowing on Sunday night that there’s still one more day is almost indescribable. I’m fond of saying that I think every weekend should be a long weekend – but I doubt they would be so special if that was so. At a party on Sunday night (the bliss of being able to go to a party on a Sunday night because it’s a long weekend!) it was agreed that perhaps one long weekend a month would be perfect….

Anyway, this particular long weekend I got to see all 3 of the kids play soccer, bought my mother in law’s car, went to see Vivid again, helped a friend celebrate her birthday, made more macarons and watched the semi final of The Voice.

The car is most excellent and needed – the strain of being a one car family on weekends in soccer season was really getting to me. Lots of Mondays have seen me going back to work for a rest….

My confession is my addiction to The Voice. I barely watch TV, let alone reality TV but there are so many things I like about The Voice format that I can’t look away. I blame Young Gun – he got us started but I am happy to own the ongoing addiction. I can’t wait til the grand finale next week.

Oh, and it rained this weekend. A lot. Again.