The BlogJune community

One of the challenges of participating in #blogjune (apart from the obvious one of having to come up with something to say every single day) is getting around to other people’s blogs and reading and commenting on the posts.

I am a firm believer that since this is a blog challenge, if I agree or disagree, or am moved or inspired by a post then I will comment about that on the post, rather than as a reply to the tweet that may have alerted me to the post in the first place.  To this end, I love to make use of @katejf’s wonderful list of June bloggers that she has collected into a Netvibes page here.  By accessing the blog posts from this page I bypass the twitter notification completely – as well as picking up on posts that may not have been publicised in another way.

Using the Netvibes page also exposes me to blogs I don’t normally follow. An RSS feed means it’s easy to keep reading the same ones and one of the things I love about the #blogjune challenge is discovering new people!  I try to read & comment on at least one a day from someone I don’t know as part of the challenge to myself.

And look, we are already a quarter of the way there folks!


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