Water water everywhere

In the next of a not very reliable or regular series of posts designed to highlight the stories behind the photos I’m taking for the Friday Photos Challenge, I bring you a tiny bit of the Coast Walk – from South Bondi to Bronte Beach.  If you spend even 5 minutes looking through the Friday Photos group, you’ll see I’ve been very hit and miss with posting to the group – subsequently I’ve had very little to expand on and talk about here.

Anyway, in the spirit of looking forwards, not back, this week’s theme happens to be ‘water’. And happily, I happened to have arranged to spend this afternoon walking some of the Coast Track connecting some of the Eastern Suburbs beaches. Plenty of water. Time being a limiter, we only walked the bit from the southern end of Bondi Beach around to Bronte. Waverley Cemetery was tempting us only another headland or two away but we’re leaving that for another day.

It was  a gorgeous afternoon. Sunny, not too windy and with a water temperature off Sydney currently around 22 degrees (very unusual for this time of year) the beaches were busy with surfers and swimmers taking advantage of the weather.

Images from our walk today

I’m pretty sure I’ve never been to either Tamarama or Bronte beaches and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to Bondi so I’ve been keen to walk along this coastline for some time.

Bronte Park sits behind the beach and was busy with people having picnics, two retired gentlemen playing backgammon, a man who clearly spends many hours lying on the sun lounge he had provided for himself, lots of families, dogs, walkers and joggers.  The water was crowded with surfers, the waves increasing in size as we sat and watched – until finally one came out of the water with the 2 pieces of his surfboard tucked under his arm. Expensive day at the beach for him.


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  2. Did you see of the photos of Bondi and Tamarama from yesterday? I couldn’t believe how much sand ended up on the promenade at Bondi and how far up the beach at Tamarama the water was coming up!

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