On garlic and lasagne and blogging and friends

Tonight we’re having Crock Pot Lasagne (thanks @jobeaz for the heads up!) – I haven’t made it before, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

One of the reasons lasagne and a few other garlic intensive recipes have appeared on my menu plan this fortnight is that I discovered that some of my yummy Anarel Garlic is starting to sprout.

Garlic ready for freezing

This reminded me that ever since a kilogram of this  beautiful product was delivered in late January I’ve been meaning to separate out the cloves, put some aside for planting and then freeze what we couldn’t reasonably use for later.

It makes me happy to buy my garlic this way. It comes from just the other side of the Blue Mountains – if that’s not within 160km then it can’t be far on the other side of that notional line. I’m happy to support a small business and a local farmer. I’m happy that I have enough garlic to keep me going through most of the rest of this year (I’m thinking I’ll need to order more than 1kg next year as I’m pretty sure we’ll run out before Anarel’s next harvest). I’m happy to have fresh, local, chemical free garlic from which to plant my own crop, so maybe I will only need to buy 1kg from someone else next year after all. Most of all, I’m happy to have discovered Anarel garlic via Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial.

I love social media for the engagement, the discovery of new things and the quick and efficient exchange of information. While I’m a keen microblogger, I particularly love traditional blogging as it gives me (and others) an extended connection with readers. Because of their blogging, Celia and Linda Woodrow  are my main go-to friends in the kitchen and the garden. I’m unlikely to ever meet either of them, but that doesn’t actually matter.(I suspect my friend K over at Plum Cake and Powertools may also become a virtual source of information and inspiration as her blog fills up with recipes for all the yummy treats she has been serving up to us at work over the last year or so!).

So in a way, this lasagne tonight will be shared with both family and friends. Gosh, I hope it turns out alright!


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