Lunch by the river

By Friday night this week, a vague plan was forming between Young Gun & one of his friends to spend Saturday afternoon at Monster Skate Park at Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush.

Monster operates with set 3 hour session times and as Homebush is an hour or so from home in traffic, I usually plan to stay in the area for the time, rather than get home only to have to turn around and go out again. In the past, I’ve spent a few hours wandering around IKEA at Rhodes, visiting friends in the area and bike riding through Bicentennial Park, also on the Olympic Park site.

Today we decided to visit Newington Armory, partly encouraged by this post from Celia at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial. Unfortunately, the train only runs on Sundays in summer too and as it was raining on and off we didn’t get a chance to wander very far or see much of the site.

However, we compensated nicely with a fabulous lunch at the Armory Wharf Cafe.  The cafe is situated right on the side of the river and was the site of one of the Armory’s buildings. The original cafe on the site was destroyed by fire in 2008 – the new one sits dramatically in the landscape like this

Armory Wharf Cafe - looking down the Parramatta River towards Meadowbank

We initially sat outside as the day was grey and drizzly but the rain had stopped for the time being. The rain returned as we were nearly finished eating and the very friendly and helpful staff quickly found us a table inside and provided fresh water glasses & bottle to replace the ones we left outside in the sudden shower. We ate this amazing looking collection of things!

Tasting Plate, Armory Wharf Cafe

We headed back to the car via the adventure playground set up nearby – on the edge of Blaxland Riverside Park. It would almost be worth finding a small child to bring back here for a play!

Slippery dips didn't look like this back in the day!

Despite the rain, we had a lovely afternoon – there was a bit more for us to see, but I’ll save that for another post.


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