A green afternoon

This week’s Friday Photos theme is ‘green’ and this weekend’s trip to Sydney Olympic Park had me clicking away with my new android phone (frankly, I think the camera in it is better than my actual camera) as there was green everywhere!

Green: At Newington Armory Wharf

In keeping with the theme of green, one of the places we visited in our 3 hours was the Brick Pit Ring Walk. I’d never been to the Brick Pit before and knew very little about it except that it had an unusual, elevated circular walkway that allows public access to the site without disturbing the large Green & Golden Bell Frog population.

Green water: Brickpit at Sydney Olympic Park

Once again I discovered a little piece of Sydney history. 3 billion bricks were made at the State Government owned brick pit before it was closed for good in 1988. The State Library of NSW has a collection of photos from the old brick works here. The Brick Pit site was earmarked for development as part of the Sydney Olympic Park development in the leadup to the 2000 Olympics, before the endangered frogs were discovered and the site is now home to one of the largest populations of them in NSW.

The centre, deeper pit that is surrounded by the Ring Walk is now an integral part of the water reclamation service at Sydney Olympic Park. Frog ponds have been built as a series of connecting habitats within the site.

The process of remediation of the Homebush Bay site has been ongoing for many years and I am only just beginning to appreciate the extent of the natural resource that has been handed back to the Sydney population. There are always cyclists, pedestrians, families, tourists and locals using the park and its facilities – and you don’t have to go anywhere near a sporting field or Olympic swimming pool!

To wrap up, a look at some of the green themed photos I took out there this weekend.

The theme of green: Sydney Olympic Park