The theme for Friday Photos this week is ‘outdoors’, so this afternoon we took ourselves off to our favourite Royal National Park for a walk with the intention of finding some photo opportunities. While we did get fairly up close & personal with a 4 – 5 foot goanna, that’s not what I’m writing about here.

I only took the iPhone on the walk, I like the challenge of trying to find interesting things to photograph within the very real limitations that my 3GS has.

At the entrance to one of the fire trails into the RNP from suburban Grays Point is this plaque


I moved into Grays Point in 1996 & lived there for nearly 12 years. For about 4 of those years I ran 3-4 mornings a week in the national park, via this particular fire trail. Harry Batterham was one of the early morning regulars on the track – virtually until he died, causing the fun run as part of the annual Grays Point Octoberfest community weekend to be named after him.

One of the runner’s traditions Harry was part of was a Christmas Eve breakfast – after the regular run on the track of course! On arrival back at the start about 6.30am, out would come platters of fruit, baskets of muffins and whatever else the runners had stashed behind a log before they set off. I only joined in with this long standing tradition once, but what a fabulous community thing to do!

Harry Batterham was an integral part of a close knit community for many, many years and this plaque, sitting in the outdoors that he embraced so enthusiastically almost every day is a fitting memorial to him and a wonderful community recognition of his love for the suburb and district.