Back to work

This week marks a couple of things. It’s my first week back at work after nearly 4 weeks off following a combination of enforced university shutdown and annual leave. Was great. Not talking about that here.

I have come back from leave to a newly renovated workroom, with new furniture, a new spot on the floor and new desk neighbours. It’s all very fresh and clean and it’s great just to have a change to mark the new year.

It’s also 2 years this week since I went for an interview for what would become my first professional library position, at my previous place of work.  I have been trying to remember what that week was like – I was desperate for a job, nervous about the interview (in fact I had thought it went quite badly) and so excited when I got the call to say I had been successful.  I remember it was a really hot day, and I actually went to 2 interviews on the same day, racing across the city from one to the other.

So all in all, it’s fitting that this week’s theme for the Friday Photo 2012 challenge is ‘work’.  I’m not particularly inspired by the theme – but did take this picture of my desk before I started unpacking the boxes on Monday.

I need to unpack....