Yarriabini National Park

For as long as I can remember, the telecommunications towers on the top of Mount Yarrahappini have been an indicator that we were ‘nearly there’.

I camp with my own family at Scott’s Head on the NSW mid north coast each year but long before that, my parents had a holiday house in the nearby fishing village of Stuart’s Point, on the Macleay River. We had many, many holidays there until I was well into my twenties when mum and dad finally sold it.  We were at Stuart’s Point the year Cyclone Tracy devastated Darwin and I remember the pictures on TV of christmas presents strewn everywhere – feeling very sorry for the children as I continued to play with my new toys.

While we were at Scott’s Head this year we took the drive to Stuart’s Point (it’s only about 15 km and along the most gorgeous, windy road that’s great to drive in a manual car!) but we went via the picnic grounds and lookout on Mount Yarrahappini.  Much of this land is now Yarriabini National Park – therefore gone are the rubbish bins that once provided homes for goannas in the picnic area.

Goannas in the National Park - 2008

The bins were essentially 44 gallon drums suspended between 2 poles so when the goannas climbed out to look at the new arrivals driving into the picnic ground the bins would swing and sway. Quite scary when I had curious young children with me all those years ago!

Every couple of years we drive into the park to have a look around – there’s a lovely short walk from the picnic area through a rainforest to a nearby creek. This year the ground was littered with fruit from the strangler figs and (we think) a Davidson’s plum.

Some of the photos I took on the rainforest walk appear below – there’s more from the trip extension into Stuart’s Point itself, but I’ll save that for another post.

Images from the rainforest - Yarriabini NP

Images from the rainforest - Yarriabini NP