Life’s a beach

I’ve been coming to the same camping spot for 13 years – this year is our 14th trip to the NSW mid north coast for 2 weeks in January. This year is different, as two of my three kids have stayed behind. Normally we have friends of kids as well, so it is very quiet here with just the three of us on our site (although The General did come up & stay for 4 days, which was great).

Young Gun has made friends in the surf though, and as our trip here each year is all about the surf and nothing but the surf, he is happy 🙂

A big storm ripped though this beach nearly two years ago and made massive changes to the way the surf breaks. Last year was the best surfing the boys had experienced here for years and Young Gun tells me that, for the most part, this year is better again (for his weight and type of board anyway!).

The beach is unattractive since the storms, with fallen trees and undercut sand dunes making the paths to the beach a bit unstable – and there are big drops down onto the beach when you get over there. A lot of sand was lost in the storms and combined with the change in wave patterns from the demolition of the sand bar that had built up over many years there are places along the 11km beach where there is now no dry sand at high tide. This, and the fallen trees littering the sand can make a walk along the beach a bit tricky at anything other than low tide.

However, it’s still a largely unspoilt part of the NSW mid north coast, it’s still a gorgeous climate & still a lovely place to relax. There’s wifi in the park now, but it’s patchy so it’s actually easier to just be unconnected. Because we camp unpowered keeping the phones charged can be a bit tricky, but to be honest, that’s another good reason to disconnect a little. We just have to negotiate about whose phone gets priority for charging when we get in the car – which is not very often.

I have some pictures of sunset over the bay for another post, but really wanted to share this photo. Someone went to a lot of trouble to create a lot of mosaic pieces in and around Scott’s Head a number of years ago. This table sits out on the headland and is one of my favourite spots to visit. Every year.

Mosaic table, Scotts Head NSW