Having decided that the 365 photos in a year thing was too hard in 2011, I’m up for another challenge this year so am participating in Friday Photos 2012 (twitter hashtag is #fp2012).

Immediately this seems easier – it’s just one photo a week (although we can load up to 3) AND someone else is coming up with a theme each week which always works better for me. Give me a starting point and I’ll happily take it anywhere.

I won’t deny that I’m also excited that it gives me something to blog about each week – I figure I’ll post the pic(s) on the flickr group, with a short explanation of how I got to that photo from the theme each week, then come here and go further with the theme and perhaps more photos. I’m not sure, I haven’t worked the details out yet.

So, this week’s theme is, perhaps appropriately for the New Year, beginnings. I went for a walk about 8am on New Year’s Day to our local boat ramp, expecting to see loads of boat trailers lining the road and a busy boat ramp as folk headed out for what promised to be a gorgeous day on the water. Perhaps they were all recovering from NYE festivities because what I found was a virtually empty carpark and no movement out on the water.

I took these photos anyway:

Yowie Bay Marina, morning, New Years Day 2012

Yowie Bay Boat Ramp, morning, New Years Day 2012

Pretty isn’t it? I usually walk here in the evenings, was a completely different experience during broad daylight.