In honour of food

In part this post is inspired by one by the lovely Celia over at Fig Jam & Lime Cordial about how lovely it is to know where your food comes from.

Tonight on twitter I posted this

There are so many good things about what I’m making for dinner that I think I’ll have to blog it. With photos. #tweetsaboutfood
We had some kangaroo mince in the freezer and apart from half a ham still sitting in the fridge, this was the only protein available, so kangaroo it was to be. I also said this on twitter
We eat lots of kangaroo coz it’s yummy, healthy, cheap & sustainable… But it smells really bad raw #tweetsaboutfood
Roo mince is sold in 1kg lots in most large supermarkets. It’s really cheap at about $8 for the kg (remember that you have to compare that with super lean beef) but the best part is the sustainability of roo meat. Usually we make bolognaise sauce or meatballs from this mince but tonight, inspired by my sister in law who told me she was making Thai fish cakes, I decided to make Asian inspired patties & serve them with a simple green salad.
If you saw this from me on twitter just before Christmas
My SIL tripped over the vacuum, broke her wrist in 3 places & is waiting for surgery. In a French hospital. She says the food is good!
you may be confused about now. However, it’s not the same SIL. This one’s in Sydney. I saw her today. Her wrists are fine.
But I digress….. Tonight’s dinner started with 500g of mince. To this I added a paste made from mild green chillies, chives, mint & lemongrass from our garden, combined with sweet new onions from my mother’s garden (and some garlic and fish sauce).  I let the mince mixture rest for 10 minutes at room temperature before shaping it into patties and frying gently in some rice bran oil.

Garden goodness

While this was happening, I put together some greens from my mother in law’s garden, including lettuce, amaranth & nastursium leaves & flowers, some more of my mum’s tiny baby onions and green & yellow beans from our own garden.

Greenery goodness

The finished result was both pretty & yummy. The best part though, is knowing where just about everything on our plate came from. Only the garlic, lime wedge and fish sauce was from ‘somewhere else’.

Garden to plate

We’ve got tomatoes ripening faster than we can eat them, capsicums forming and mild green chillies growing prolifically. We have herbs, the first planting of zucchini has just about finished but there’s more coming on and the beans are having a second flush of flowers. Beautiful, elegant flowers are forming on the eggplant and there’s greens galore in the form of bok choy and rainbow chard.
Happy gardening days!

5 thoughts on “In honour of food

  1. Great blog. Very inspiring. My hubby eats lots of roo but it is stinky raw so I don’t eat it. We also have a fabulous vegie garden. Still waiting on some stuff to grow though!

  2. Such a lovely post, Clare, thank you! It’s pure joy to know where the food that we’re harvesting, cooking and feeding to our families is coming from, isn’t it? Even if we can’t know every single last details, just knowing so much is already a huge step. As I said, it makes it seem so real! 🙂

    Thanks for the kind linky!

    PS. My friend Diana has her garlic ready for sale, email me if you’re interested and I’ll forward her details to you. I’m ordering 3kg from them this year! It’s non-certified organic and grown right here in NSW! 🙂

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