How does your garden grow?

Last night, our dinner included zucchini, beans (both yellow and green) and parsley from our own garden – and we usually get a meal of leafy greens a few times a week as well. The tomatoes are in flower, as are the capsicums – and the eggplant is growing bravely but has yet to produce a flower. The corn is coming along nicely – it will probably be ready just about when we go on holidays I think!

I love having food in my garden. We also planted some flowers, although I was a bit sceptical about the need – I mean you can’t EAT most of them…. However, this morning I was able to pick this lovely bunch of them to bring in to work for the Melbourne Cup afternoon tea – and I must admit it’s lovely to have pretties in among the eatables!

Flowers from our garden


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