Mid winter blues

days of rain by Clownhouse III via flickr CC

Those of you in Sydney will know we’ve had endless, ceaseless, relentless heavy rain for the past 4 or 5 days.  The highest rainfall in the city has been at Cronulla, only just down the road from home.

Everything is wet.  The house is starting to feel damp inside, Bookworm just found that her room is leaking somewhere and her carpet is all wet and the cats are very reluctant to go outside! I don’t blame them, I only go outside because I get paid to turn up at work no matter what the weather is like.

So, on a Friday evening after such a week I can give way to despair, or think about some positive things like kittens and chocolate.  I’m grateful for:

  • a good job that pays well, even if I have to go out in the rain to get there
  • friends and family I can talk to, laugh with and meet for coffee
  • enough money to pay my bills and put food on the table at night
  • beautiful kids doing great things with their lives
  • a caring, supportive partner who listens and understands
  • my brother’s holiday house in the south of France, giving me a holiday destination to dream about and plan for
  • a bottle of red wine in the cupboard
I feel more cheerful already!

2 thoughts on “Mid winter blues

  1. So here I was giving in to despair after a horror week. Read your blog, got the wine out of the cupboard and feeling much better. Aaagh Shiraz you little beauty. Here’s to friends, family, red wine and really nothing to complain about.

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