30 more things

I did this last year towards the end of the Blog Every Day in June challenge & I think it’s worth doing again to remind myself that I do other than just blog! So, here’s a list of 30 things I’ve done this month other than write blog posts:

1. Went to Canberra to visit my folks

2. Caught up with a school friend (I left school in 1984 so I think still having school friends to catch up with is awesome)

3. Went to the amazing 20th anniversary concert of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Choir at the Sydney Town Hall (first time I’d ever been in the Town Hall, what a beautiful building)

4. Pottered in the garden

5. Celebrated as Ms16 turned into Ms17

6. Joined in with mid-winter solstice celebrations

7. Went to the theatre at the Opera House with Ms17

8. Caught some of the Vivid festival action

9. Ate wonderful tapas at The Opera Bar

10. Got good news from my dentist (for a nice change)

11. Went to Westfield at Liverpool (there’s a story behind this: Ms17 needed a long drive to go into her learner’s log book so we went somewhere none of us had been before….)

12. Watched a night game of U14 soccer with Mr13 at our local field – party atmosphere, young teenagers everywhere, BBQ running, fantastic evening.

13. Went to my dear friend Elizabeth’s 50th birthday party

14.Had another walk down to Temptation Creek, this time with my partner

15. Spent some time in our local hospital emergency department with Ms17 after she had a collision on the soccer field

16. Accepted an offer of a place in the Masters of Information Studies at CSU… then….

17. ….. Spent hours ringing and emailing CSU to sort out the mess they made of my offer to study next session

18. Cared for 3 sick kids (not all at once, they spread it out for me over the entire month – and in fact I’m home from work today doing exactly that)

19. Watched Immortal Beloved – which was stunning

20. Had a lovely afternoon with coffee & gossip with an old friend

21. Celebrated as the Mr18 son of a friend was picked in the Australian cycling team for the upcoming Youth Commonwealth Games in the Isle of Man

22. Enjoyed lunch with my partner when he made a surprise visit to MPOW

23. Ate fabulous chicken ramen at a little Japanese shop in Randwick one lunch time with some team members.

24. Had a drink in a pub with my partner the night we went to the SGLC concert and wondered why I don’t go to the pub more often (I missed out on the pub culture thing as a teenager -because I lived in Canberra where there are no pubs- and it’s just never entered into my psyche properly..)

25. Met an old friend for lunch last week and had a great natter & catch up in the sunshine

26. Booked Ms17’s driving test

27. Learned something new nearly every day

28. Taught myself to crochet (sort of, there’s lots about this I’m struggling to get the hang of)

29. Bought a few new albums

30. Took delivery of some French language lesson CD’s from my brother – I’ve even listened to a couple!


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