Blog link goodness – The greening of Gavin

Gavin is a living national treasure. His no nonsense blog The Greening of Gavin is jam packed full of information about what works and what didn’t work in his quest for a more sustainable lifestyle in a commuter town outside Melbourne. It’s fascinating, honest and inspirational. In his own words, Gavin is

An Ordinary Australian Man Who Has A Green Epiphany Whilst Watching A Documentary, Gets a Hybrid Car, Plants A Large Organic Vegetable Garden, Goes Totally Solar, Lowers Consumption, Feeds Composts Bins and Worms, Harvests Rainwater, Raises Chickens, Makes Cheese and Soap, and Eats Locally. All In The Effort To Reduce Our Family’s Carbon Footprint So We Can Start Making A Difference For Our Children & Future Generations To Come.

Read it. Really!


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