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I have been following Sherryl Clark’s Books and writing blog since my time working at the CBCA here in NSW.

Working at the CBCA gave me an insight into what it’s like to be an author in Australia – and just how hard most of our children’s authors have to work as they usually also have to have a day job. I love the perspective Sherryl gives to issues such as publishing, e-books and authors’ rights, as well as her insights into just what has to happen to get a book or other publication out into the marketplace.

I often forward Sherryl’s posts onto Bookworm, as she offers insights into English and literature that I think might be useful for a HSC English student.

Supporting Australian authors is something I like doing – my kids are too old for Sherryl’s books now but reading and commenting on her blog feels a bit like cheering her on anyway.


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