How often do we make compromises at work and at home, based on something like this?

Unshelved 17/6/2002

Principles are good and fine and I believe in them – in principle. I try not to squirm too much when I find myself compromising something I hold to be true in principle – because I also don’t believe in setting myself up to fail.

Perhaps flexibility is the word I’m searching for?


One thought on “Compromises

  1. Flexibility? Yes, perhaps. Acceptance, as well, I think. We’re always going to disagree with people on one thing or another. That’s where we accept and also be (a little) flexible, depending on the situation. What you don’t want to do (and I should take my own advice) is be accommodating. This is further than making a compromise. Hold your ground, knowing you remain true to your own ‘principles’, yet be accepting and flexible at times.

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