Are you free for (another) meeting?

Fancy Calendar by oskay via flickr CC

I’m slowly getting used to using Outlook’s calendar function as a time management tool – I’ve used this functionality before but never to the degree that we use it here at MPOW.  We all share calendars, so it’s easy to see where people are, or what they have on for the day if they ring in sick.

At first, it feels strange putting in a meeting request for a ‘quick chat’ at someone’s desk, but I’m learning that it’s the only way around here to fit in around the seemingly endless meetings everyone goes to.  I’m learning to use the scheduler, which helps me see a time when everyone is free to attend, (even if it does still sometimes feel like ‘snooping’) whether for a quick chat or a more formal meeting.

I’m still a little Outlook-challenged, but getting there.

2 thoughts on “Are you free for (another) meeting?

  1. MPOW loves Outlok too. Being able to check others availability saves me heaps of time with all the meetings I have to schedule as a project manager. We also have Cisco Personal Communicator with IP phones so we can see if someone is on the phone before we call or send an instant message. It also plugs into Outlook so a call can he placed from within an email message. Not 100% across campus yet though.

  2. Oh MPOW also loves to use Outlook, I love it and find myself using it for the weekend too…just need to remember to set weekend appointments to private…I don’t think my colleagues are really interested in when I’m getting my hair done or where I’m going for dinner!

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